What are the advantages of the ECO cover?

What are the advantages of the ECO cover?

The well-being of our planet is one of our main concerns. In response to environmental issues, we have created an eco-friendly collection of winter car seat covers. Keep on reading to learn more about this initiative.


From the choice of materials to the fabrication of the cover, including the packaging, our ECO collection is green to the end! To contribute to the safety and well-being of our planet, the mission was clear for us to make a 100% eco-friendly car seat and packaging. Our team therefore focused on finding the best materials in order to respect our planet, preserve wildlife and ensure a better quality of life for future generations.

Including two models, the Black Licorice and the Mocha (new!), this collection is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric and fleece. The insulation is composed of Thermolite ECOMADE insulation which contains at least 35% of recycled resources, such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. Thermolite ECOMADE technology represents a guarantee of quality and enjoys a worldwide reputation. This is why we decided to work with them to offer our customers superior insulation. Moreover, the insulating panels are also made from recycled materials in order to reduce their environmental impact.

What is polyethylene terephthalate? PET is a thermosetting and recyclable plastic that is very often found in plastic bottles. Also known by its real name "polyethylene terephthalate", it is a plastic that we often find in our products.

Psst!... Because protecting our animals is very important to us, all our furs are synthetic.


The cold is often a concern for new parents who prefer not to go outside with their newborn in winter. However, when you are well bundled up, there is no point in denying yourself the pleasure of going out. With Petit Coulou winter covers, you can go outside with your baby and take a stroll in total peace of mind.

To cope with the harsh weather of the Canadian winter, our winter car seat cover has been designed for the period of November to March to cope with temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to 10 ° C. No need for a snowsuit with this cover! Baby can travel freely, without being limited by winter clothes since he will be warm. This is a popular benefit to simplify the life of parents. All you have to do is slip your child inside their shell, close the zipper and then go!

In addition to its renowned and patented structural support, unparalleled warmth and comfort, the ECO winter car seat cover includes several features that make Petit Coulou a brand loved by parents. Here are a few :

  • Offers an igloo effect, that is to say that the internal temperature of the cover is maintained by the body heat of your baby ;

  • High quality fur that keeps its beautiful appearance after several washings ;

  • YKK zipper allowing a full opening ;

  • Fits all types of rear-facing car seats up to 16 kg / 35 lbs ;

  • Meets transport safety standards.


If you want to offer what is best to your little one while taking action to reduce your ecological footprint, there is no better choice than our ECO car seat covers!

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