How to protect your baby this summer ?

How to protect your baby this summer ?

The heat can get intense in the middle of the summer, which is why it is crucial to always carry with you a few accessories to ensure your baby’s comfort. As your little one can’t regulate its body temperature that easily, having a baby at this time of the year is a challenge. Pack your bag easily everytime you want to go out with this guide we put together for you.


As babies under 6 months old can’t regulate their body temperature by themselves, we recommend you dress him/her with bodysuits and overalls most of the time. Why? Because the heat is distributed equally, which protects the baby when the temperature changes (heat, humidity, wind, cool nights, a/c, etc.).

We also recommend prioritizing light fabrics like cotton or bamboo, and light colors such as white, cream and light grey.

Also, warmer clothes and a blanket need to be in your bag at all times. Whenever you enter a building with air conditioning, use it to keep your baby warm and comfy even though fresh air feels good to you. 

Psst! If your baby is overheating, his/her neck will become wet. That’s the sign to cool him/her down a bit.


Here is a checklist you can use before leaving the house to make sure you carry (almost) every item your baby needs for your summer outings. Feel free to add any item you find useful.

  • Baby sunblock and mosquito repellent

  • Stroller’s mosquito net

  • Water

  • Sprayer

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Light clothes

  • Light blanket

  • Milk / more water

  • Sunshade (optional)

Remember to keep your baby away from direct sunlight and stay in the shade as much as possible.


Petit Coulou offers a range of summer covers for strollers and car seats, which fit almost every model currently available. Their 4-in-1 protection includes a variety of features you can benefit from:

  • Waterproof and breathable material

  • SPF50

  • Zipper on one side

  • Rear cord for a better fit

  • Strong anchors on each side

  • Sun visor with attachment to protect against UV rays, wind and rain

  • Reflective printed logo

  • Carrying bag included

Our summer and winter covers reduce the baby's stress level by increasing the perception of safety from the outside world, acting as a psychological barrier.

Summer Baby Stroller Cover - Red / Grey


The right sunscreen for your baby is a minimum SPF of 30 to properly protect against UVA and UVB rays. Apply for the first time 30 minutes before leaving the house and then every 2 hours or after swimming. Even in the shade, the sun rays can get to you and hurt your baby's soft skin, so make sure to apply sunscreen all day long when doing outdoors activities.

Products certified by the Canadian Dermatology Association should be prioritized, as well as lotion textures. Try not to use any type of sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months old! Above this age, choose an hypoallergenic, fragrance free and chemical free product certified for babies.

The same rules apply to mosquito repellent, which can’t be used for newborns under 6 months old and isn’t recommended for toddlers under 3 years old. If you really need to use one, try to avoid applying to body parts that aren’t exposed.

If you are out of options and you NEED to use a repellent on your kid, prioritize a low DEET percentage and look for natural products. 


Feed your baby more often than usual when doing outdoor activities, as it prevents dehydration and heat strokes. Another good technique is to keep a small pool or a water sprayer with you to cool him/her down when it gets really hot.

You are now ready to go through summer.

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