7 tips if you’re giving birth this summer

7 tips if you’re giving birth this summer

Although giving birth during summer can increase your stress level, there are one or two things you can surely benefit from. Here are 7 things that will help you fully enjoy the next few months with your newborn. 


When a new baby is on the way, we buy clothes like there is no limit. Just imagining our baby in that cute outfit melts our heart, right? But the truth is that the warm summer weather makes us leave the baby in his/her diaper or cotton pajamas most of the time. The good sides are that you can save a lot of money by buying just a few summer clothes, and it gets easier to manage your laundry. Think about that!


    Who says summer says outdoor activities. The nicest part of having a baby during summer is that there are a lot of activities you can do every day that don’t involve staying inside the house all day long. The most important thing to remember is to be aware of your baby’s body temperature at all times, as it is harder for him/her to regulate it by himself/herself. Staying in the shade and having a small pool or a water sprayer are good habits to take.


      The outside weather shouldn’t be a reason for you to change the temperature of the bath water, nor the frequency. Remember that a baby is used to being in your womb, which is at 37 degrees, so a little 30 degrees won’t scare him/her. Babies don’t need to refresh in cool water during the day, so keep the bathtime routine exactly the same during summer.

      4. DIAPERS

        It is crucial to change your baby’s diaper more often when it’s hot outside as a higher humidity level inside the diaper is hard on his/her skin. Stay away from painful irritations and uncomfortable skin problems by increasing daily diaper changes.

        5. GERMFREE

          You might be surprised to learn that germs don’t travel as quickly in the summertime. Since newborns catch almost everything, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to worry as much about his/her health as during the rest of the year. Of course, disinfecting toys stays mandatory because your little one will still love to put everything in his/her mouth.

          Psst! Did you know that Petit Coulou’s stroller covers act as a physical and psychological barrier against the outside world? Mama and baby will feel safer and the transition into the real world will be smoother.

          6. PREGNANCY MASK

            Stay out of the sun before and after giving birth to prevent any risk of a pregnancy mask. Wearing a hat, applying sunblock and staying in the shade are great ways to protect your delicate skin. Many women will suffer from that hormonal issue, which causes overproduction of the cells that make the color of your skin. You will get brown or blue-grey spots on your face after being exposed to direct sunlight.

            Remember to protect your skin more than usual using natural products.

            7. WALK AROUND

              Going for walks at night time is one of the greatest aspects of having a newborn. It helps him/her sleep, gives you quality time for yourself or with your partner, keeps you active and makes a fun routine. Definitely nicer than staying at home watching boring series. Evenings are a great time to be outside the house.

              Having a baby during summer is hard at times but also has so many positive aspects you can focus on. We wish all the mamas out there the nicest summer of your life!

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